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About me

Hey my name is Max Meeder! I'm a music artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and songwriter. Based out of Los Angeles, I've been playing music since I was eight and writing music since I was nine. I'm constantly worked to improve my skills in every facet of music.

My journey started at eight years old when I picked up the guitar. From the beginning I was interested in improvising solos and changing up cover songs to fit my style. I started my first band the following year and started to play gigs. During this time I would start writing songs for our band to play. In middle school I picked up the drums and not too long after that I started learning bass. These are the three instruments that still guide my creativity to this day.

After I graduated high school I moved to Belmont University to earn my degree in music business. It was at this time when I became obsessed with producing. COVID also played a big role in this as I was stuck at home with no one to jam or write with. I kept producing as things opened back up and even changed my emphasis to a production emphasis in my major. Writing, recording, producing, and arranging is now my absolute favorite thing to do in music. I'm constantly looking for people to collaborate with because the more I'm working and being creative the happier I am. I still love to play live though and I'm always looking for bands to play in or people to jam with.


Music and art is always at the center of everything I do. I'm always pushing myself to be more creative, better my technical skills, and just create great art.

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What I Can Offer

Guitar Playing
Bass Playing

For rates feel free to reach out to me

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